2016 – Review – Frightland – Middletown, DE – 10/1/2016

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  • Posted : October 9th, 2016

We have always enjoyed our visit to Frightland whenever we have gone. This year we decided to try it out on its opening weekend. Unfortunately, we picked a really bad night. It started to rain when we got their and half of the attractions were shutdown. On top of that, they did not have their carnival rides out. Although, with the rain, they probably would have been shut down as well. However, I really can’t be too harsh in reviewing the place as the rain was out of their control. I will review the attractions we attended, but also place emphasis on our experience from the past.

20161001_2102592016 Rating

Attractions:       3.5

Atmosphere:     3.5

Fear Factor:      2.5

Actors:               2

Fun/Value:       3.5

Overall:          3

Attractions – 3.5 out 5 Stars

Frightland boasts 8 Attractions. However 3 of them are only accessible from the hayride. Since it was shutdown,, those attractions were not available. But the other 4 attractions were open.  Here is the run down:

20161001_2030271. Zombie Prison

This themed attraction attempts to recreate the feeling of being in a prison run by zombies. Although the start of the attraction gives that sense, the rest is nothing more than a maze in darkness. Because of this, it is very hard to tell where you are at or even supposed to go. A few times, the actors had to tell us the direction. Its not very well decorated as its mostly black walls. Although the end of the ride does let out inside a prison bus, but it lacked any actors to make this a scary experience. This attraction does let off to the start of the Hayride, but since it was shutdown, we had to walk back to the front on the attraction along the outside.

20161001_1953122. Idalia Manor

This is probably the best attraction they have. It is decorated as a home based doctors office that is run by a mad doctor. The decor is very detailed with old decaying furniture and faded painted walls. They use a lot of movie pictures to cause distractions. This works because you tend to stop and watch the short clip, allowing time for the actors to come up on you. This was well staffed with lots of actors and they were very interactive with the guests. Some animatronics were used to create surprises, but it adds more to the ambiance of the haunt.

20161001_2030413. Haunted Barn

The line to the attraction is a winding walk through a beautiful garden. But it is unkept and slightly overgrown. Its actually a clever way on controlling the long lines that will develop as the season goes on. The theme is a psychotic people that butcher people. Its not as bloody as it could be, but its enough to bring the haunt to life. The actors are fairly interactive in this one, and there was just enough to pull of this haunt. Its decorated fairly well, but not as well as the Idalia manor. Its one of there oldest attraction that they keep re-using year after year.

20161001_2044124. The Attic

This attraction is on top of the haunted barn and you have to climb a flight of stairs to enter. It is a winding maze in the darkness and you are constantly feeling the walls to find your way through. There are actors in here and they are primarily above you, taunting you the entire time you are making your way through. Its not really a well decorated attraction as it is completely dark inside. The actors are decent, but there is a lack of actors in this one to make it scary. This is also one the oldest attraction that they keep re-using year after year.

5. Horror Hayride

Due to the rain, this was shut down. However the Zombie Prison lets out to the Hayride. No review here.

6. Ravenwood Cemetery

Due to the rain, and since this is only accessible from the Hayride,  this was shut down as well. No review here

7. Fear

Due to the rain, and since this is only accessible from the Hayride,  this was shut down as well. No review here

8. Zombie Town

Due to the rain, and since this is only accessible from the Hayride,  this was shut down as well. No review here

Additional Options

1. Carnival Rides

For an additional fee, you get unlimited carnival rides. There are only a few rides, but its well worth the extra money if you plan on riding the rides. In addition to the rides, they do have games of chance and carnival food places. Its a different addition to any haunted attraction to make it more fun.

Atmosphere – 3.5 out of 5 Stars

This is a typical farm setting with parking set out in the fields. They do charge a $5 parking fee, but its per carload. Everything is centered around the carnival. This makes the place seem more like a carnival fare instead of a haunted attraction. In fact, due to the bright lights of the carnival, its very hard to see and find the haunted attractions. However, the carnival fare does provide a unique experience.

Fear Factor – 2.5 out of 5 Stars

Although the attractions are adequately staffed, the place is not very scary. The actors do well with interactivity with the guests, but they do not pull of the scares very well. However, its more of the attractions, than the skill of the actor, on why the scares are not there. Its not from a lack of trying, but the attractions do not allow the actors to pull of the scares.

Actors – 2 out of 5 Stars

As stated before, the actors do well with interacting with the guests. But that’s about the only thing that is positive. Their costumes are really cheap, and the makeup is not done very well. It looks as if the actors have to provide their own costumes and apply their own makeup, without any guidance from the operators of the attractions.

Fun/Value – 3.5 out of 5 Stars

Having 8 attractions and carnival rides, the price provides a lot of value. Even VIP is reasonably priced. Keep in mind that the attractions are small, so having 8 different attractions is more of quantity over quality. I always try to plan to visit this attraction, but some years I have not been able to include it. However, I do recommend visiting this place.


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