2016 – Review – Bloodshed Farms Fear Fest – Columbus, NJ – 10/14/2016

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  • Posted : October 31st, 2016


This is the first time we have been here and my expectations were low since they don’t seem to do a lot of advertising. This is located behind the Columbus Farmers Market and I actually passed the entrance the first time since it was really hard to see the sign. Once we parked and walked 2 blocks to the entrance, I must say I was really impressed. Although you can see where the budget is not that large, they do a fantastic job with the scenery and setup. Even the actors were very interactive. It was actually very well done and it was a gem to visit.

2016 Rating

Attractions:       3

Atmosphere:     4

Fear Factor:      2

Actors:               4

Fun/Value:      3.5

Overall:          3.3

Attractions – 3 out 5 Stars

There are 4 attractions and the extra attraction – The Bloodshed. We did all 4 attractions this night. However we opted out of the Bloodshed. We purchased VIP tickets anticipating long lines and usually the Hayride has the longest. Ironically, the hayride did not have the lines we were expecting. It may be because we did get here a little late and everyone had done the hayride already, as the other attractions had lines of people waiting. Here is the rundown:

1. The Last Ride

 While waiting for the Hayride, everyone gets to meet Klaus, He is the host of the Hayride and interacts with all of the guest. He is very entertaining to say the least, evens adds a German accent to his speech. The hayride itself is a tractor pulling a wagon. The wagon itself has bench seating, and at the front of the wagon is a wall with a picture. As soon as the Hayride starts,, the picture drops and an actor is there to present the first attraction. This was a unique surprise to say the least. The stops were very low budget and not that scary. The actors do come on the wagon to scare the guests, even interacting with some. The highlight of the Hayride is the live headless horseman who follows the hayride for some distance. Getting off the hayride, you walk through a very well decorated cemetery, which adds a nice finishing touch.

2. Trail of Terror

This is a walk though a corn field and woods. They went to great lengths with the decorations and scenery in this attraction. The path was lined with real carved pumpkins with motive lights inside,, which adds a nice touch to the lighting to the path. The first scene was well detailed, even down to the kitchen appliances in the kitchen area. The actors were very interactive and really made you feel part of the scene. After the first scene, it was mostly people jumping out trying to scare you. It was a fairly decent walk, but there were not that many scenes.

3. Hellsgate Asylum

This attraction was set up as a insane asylum. Outside, they had their special guest walking around – Father Evil. He even blessed us which was nice. Inside, the actors are very interactive. They played out each scene nicely and made sure the group was a part of the scene. It wasn’t as scary as the name implies. The whole set was done without any animatronics. This was completely driven by actors, which made the haunt enjoyable. Without the actors, I don’t think they would have been able to pull off this haunt.

20161014_2113044. ClownOPhobia

This is a circus gone crazy theme. The woman at the front entrance controlling the line even had a hula hoop that she would perform tricks with while we were waiting. Inside, it became more of a obstacle course than a haunted walk through. It had a foggy area, a multiple doorway puzzle, and a dark maze. The actors were decent, but were there to scare, as opposed to being interactive. The most interesting was the sud-filled room that had a giant rubber ducky inside. As an added bonus, the exit was the door to the port a potty, which added a little humor.

Additional Options

1. The Bloodshed

You pay an additional fee – $13 – and it is not part of any combo ticket. Only one person enters at a time. This is to heighten experience and make it a unique attraction. Even though we did not do this attraction, we were able to catch a glimpse of the inside of the shed. Its a small 8×10 shed, that is well decorated inside. It seemed to be well lit, but we could not tell what went on once the doors were closed. The expereince looked interesting and I would encourage you to try it if you are interested.

Atmosphere – 4 out of 5 Stars

This looked like it was a backlot to a shed company – hence the Bloodshed attraction. However, the ground were set up like a carnival. All of the attractions were placed along the perimeter, with the crowd in the center. There were food trucks, a stage, and a place to play games of chance. Although we did not get to see any performances on the stage, it looked like a decent place to watch a show. The place had picnic benches in the center,, complete with a skull or pumpkin centerpiece. It was a nice touch to the atmosphere.

Fear Factor – 2 out of 5 Stars

This was not a very scary place. The attractions do not lend themselves to be very frightening. Its more of a fun place to visit with some mild scares. The average person may get scared in some areas, but overall its very mild. Young children could do this haunt as its probably a little scary for them. Even though they have a no scare night, I don’t think its really needed.

Actors – 4 out of 5 Stars

The actors here really made the haunt. For the most part, they were very interactive with the group. Although they were not able to scare very well, I dont believe that was their fault since the attraction was not set up well enough to allow them to be scary. The actors were used very well and they made the attractions enjoyable. Without them, this place woud not be in business much longer.

Fun/Value – 3.5 out of 5 Stars

We actually had a lot of fun here. Since it was a Friday night, we purchased VIP tickets. At first thought, it appeared that we didn’t need them since there was no line at the hayride. However, the other attractions had the lines and VIP was well worth it. For the price, there was a lot of value here and I would recommend this to anyone who wants to visit.


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