2016 – Review – Terror Behind The Walls – Philadelphia, PA – 10/21/2016

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  • Posted : October 31st, 2016

I have always wanted to go to this attraction. This year I made an effort to do it. Once f the detracting factors in the past was the fact that you had to schedule a time to go. Now I see why they do this. It helps with controlling the crowds and limiting wait times to 30 minutes. Another interesting thing was the parking. parking is located at teh Philadelphia Zoo and you take the “Ghost Bus” to the attraction. It drops you off at one end of the prison and picks you up at the other end. We purchased VIP for this attraction, but to be honest, its not really necessary. After you visit the first attraction and wait 30 minutes, the rest have very short lines and VIP is not even offered at them. However, Terror Behind the Walls does deliver an experience that is worth revisiting year after year.

2016 Rating

Attractions:       4

Atmosphere:     5

Fear Factor:      3

Actors:               3.5

Fun/Value:       5

Overall:          4.1

Attractions – 4 out 5 Stars

Terror Behind the Walls offers 6 attractions and 3 additional options.  We bought the After Dark VIP Tour and Hex Challenge combo, including access to the Speakeasy. There is a lot to do and we were looking forward to the experience.  The first stop is the intake where you are given your instructions and you are told about the orange necklaces, which allows the actors to touch you. Next is where you get your necklaces and pictures taken, even a red X painted on your face for added effect. Not only that, they can also grab you and separate you from the group to either go a separate way, do a small challenge, or become part of the scene. Since they keep the lines moving, and we were rushed through for the Hex Challenges, I was not able to get pictures of the signs for the attractions. Here is the run down:

1. Lock Down: The Uprising

This walk though is an alien themed takeover. It is very loud, lots of animatronics, and lots of lights. This creates a lot of commotion and confusion as you make your way through. The amount of actors was decent and they did a decent job of scaring people. However, it seemed very short, but was very detailed.

2. The Machine Shop

This attraction takes you through the machine shop and boiler rooms. Its a very short attraction, but the actors did a good job playing the part. It is well detailed and you really get the sense you are in the bowels of the prison.

3. Detritos

This is a haunted garden themed attraction. The garden is very worn down and gives a very eerie feeling. The actors in here are hiding very good and they are very good at providing the scares. This is also a very short attraction and the lines did move fast.

4. The Infirmary

This is themed as a lunatic hospital run by the inmates. The scenes are very detailed and the actors do a very good job playing the roles. You really get the sense you are in a hospital that is old, decrepit, and run by inmates. This is also a very short attraction and the lines do move fast.

5. Quarantine 4D

This is a 3D clown theme attraction. The actors are very good in here and they are interactive. Lots of lights and brightly colored rooms to provide distractions. Its set up as a windy maze, however, it is a very short walk through.

6. Breakout

This is the last attraction and its fittingly called breakout. You walk through a series of areas like you are escaping the prison. There is even a guard that shoots air blast at you through a machine gun like blaster. Its a very short walk though, but it is very fun in the feeling of escaping prison.

Additional Options

1. Hex Challenge

For an additional fee, you are given a Blue Bracelet to wear and access to the exclusive challenge  at each attraction. You are broken into groups of six. This is very important since there are 6 attractions and each member of your group will play a crucial role at each attraction. This was very fun and added a bonus theme to each attraction. The challenges are not meant to be difficult, but add a extra layer to the theme of the attraction.

2. After Dark VIP Tour

For an additional fee, you get a tour of the prison in the dark. It basically the same tour they do during the day. However, it is very intuitive and interesting to learn about the prison and see the actual cells the inmates were housed. The guide was very knowledgeable and told several stories about the prison and prisoners themselves.

3. The Speakeasy

For an additional fee, you get entrance into Al Capone’s cell and lounge. However, this attraction does close early, and you are notified about this when purchasing tickets. We did purchase tickets for this attraction. However, since the Hex Challenge did take up extra time, it was closed by the time we got there.

Atmosphere – 5 out of 5 Stars

It doesn’t get any better than a haunted attraction at a real haunted prison. Just the architecture of the prison is intimidating. With massive walls, large guard towers, and the entire structure made of large stone bricks, it invokes the visions of terror we have all come to see. Even walking through the old prison for the haunted attractions, you are treated to signs of a building that is in semi-ruin. On top of that, knowing that the prison is actually haunted provides that extra level of intenisty.

Fear Factor – 3 out of 5 Stars

Even though it is set in a old massive prison, the actors were not as scary as one thought. Its possible we came with higher expectations. However, there were a few times I was scared by the actors. But overall, it should have been scarier given the location.

Actors – 3.5 out of 5 Stars

The actors did a good job playing the parts of the themes they were in. Since we did the Hex Challenge, the actors in there were very interactive and provided an enjoyable experience. The actors that dd the attraction played their parts well, but we did not find them to be as scary as they could have been.

Fun/Value – 5 out of 5 Stars

Although the attractions are very short, its still worth a visit. We had a lot of fun there doing all of the attractions, the Hex Challenge, and the After Dark VIP tour. Although we spent a lot of money per ticket, the money spent was well worth it. I do suggest going early where the prices are cheaper. Since this was fun, we will be visiting this again next year.


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