Criteria for Reviews

When reviewing a haunt, I have broken it down into 5 categories:

  1. Attractions
  2. Atmosphere
  3. Fear Factor
  4. Actors
  5. Fun/Value

Each is given a rating between 1 to 5 stars,, with an overall average rating. The overall rating determines the rankings for the season.


How well do the attractions bring a haunted experience? How well are they made? What is the level of detail put in to the attractions? This gauge is intended to answer all of these questions



Haunted attractions need to bring an experience of horror and fun within the park itself. This rating is a gauge to use to evaluate the level of the atmosphere the attraction provides.


Fear Factor

Haunted attractions are there for entertainment. People go to be scared and have a horrifying experience. I use this rating to provide a gauge on how scary the attraction will be. However, I don’t scare easily, so use this rating with discretion.


Actors can make or break an attraction. Not only should the actors be great, but the number of actors within the attractions can make a difference as well. This gauge will determine how well the actors perform.


Is this attraction worth visiting? Is it too expensive?  This category is independent of the others, It is used to provide an overall fair assessment of the attraction. An attraction that is not really scary could still have a high fun factor.

Hopefully these ratings will provide the information you need to determine if you should visit an attraction