Welcome to Hauntstompers

Welcome to HauntStompers !!!

Every year, I look forward to the Halloween season and visiting the many haunted attractions across the Delaware Valley. In the past, I would go to maybe 5 or 6 haunts. I wanted to visit more, but I wasn’t sure if they are worth the effort and expense. I searched the internet for reviews and found little, not very helpful review. Mostly they were comments on sites such as Yelp!! with comments such as

This place was awesome!!

Or other comments such as

This place was horrible. Don’t waste your time.

I found these comments even on places that I felt deserved a much better review or rating. To say the least, it was frustrating and exhausting. So I decided to start HauntStompers to provide a place to review a haunted attraction and provide a fair rating to the overall experience. I also wanted to allow others to place comments and provide feedback to the reviews and ratings I provide.

Overall, I want everyone to use these reviews when deciding if a haunted attraction is worth the effort or the expense. Please use discretion and leave your feedback. Lastly, enjoy yourself and have fun at these attractions.

Happy Haunting !!