2016 – Review – Shocktoberfest – Sinking Spring, PA – 9/17/2015

  • Posted by Sandman in 2016 on September 22nd, 2016

Once again, we start off the 2016 Halloween season visiting Shocktoberfest. This is one of the few haunts that open early and I wanted to get a head start this year.  However, for the fourth year in a row, they have continued with the Zombie World theme, so not much has changed from last year. They did update 2 things this year, the location of the refreshments and the Unknown. Other than that, everything remained the same from last year, including the videos they show before the attractions. Its still a fun place to visit, it just wasn’t as good as previous years.

2016 Schedule Has Been Posted !!!

  • Posted by Sandman in 2016 on September 11th, 2016

The 2016 schedule has been posted. Below is a list of haunts that will be visited this year. If you have a suggestion for a haunt, please post a comment with your suggestion.

2015 – Review – Pennhurst Asylum – Spring City, PA – 10/24/2015

  • Posted by Sandman in 2015 on August 21st, 2016

I always save the best for last and Pennhurst Asylum certainly is the best haunted attraction among them. Year after year it receives top honors as one of the best haunts in the country and they continue that trend this year. What sets them apart from all of the other haunted attractions is the Atmosphere and the Actors. Both are top notch and provides an experience like no other. This has become a MUST attend attraction every year.

2015 – Review – Field of Terror – East Windsor, NJ – 10/23/2015

  • Posted by Sandman in 2015 on August 19th, 2016

Field of Terror looked really promising from their website. Unfortunately, that was the best part of the whole place. For a haunted attraction that has been open for 13 years, I would expect a better experience than what was delivered. I got the feeling that it was run by amateurs who had little to no experience in operating a haunted attraction and by owners who did very little to re-invest into the attraction. This was apparent by there use of coins, instead of tickets, to access rides. Coins can be re-used and does not incur a recurring cost. Also, the entrances to the attractions were not marked well, making finding the entrance extremely painful. Suffice to say, very disappointed and I dont think I will be going back.

2015 – Review – Sleepy Hollow Hayride – Newtown, PA – 10/17/2015

  • Posted by Sandman in 2015 on August 18th, 2016

This was the second place we visited on the our 2 attraction stomp. This place was a little better than the previous place, but not by much. However, it had one of the most interesting haunted houses. the best part is they actually had a headless horseman that rode along side the hayride, on a real black stallion. I can honestly say that this is an attraction that is worth a visit.

2015 – Review – Horrorfest at Shady Brook Farms – Yardley, PA – 10/17/2015

  • Posted by Sandman in 2015 on August 18th, 2016

This night we did 2 haunts. Horrorfest at Shady Brook Farms was the first stop. We had been to this farm the previous year for its Christmas light show and we were quite impressed. I was hoping the haunt would be just as good, but I was a little disappointed. To be fair, I enjoy haunts that are fun and scary. This was really not that scary at all. It seemed the haunt was geared to be more family oriented. For young kids, this is the perfect place to take a child for there first haunt. As a seasoned haunt stomper, this was very mild.

2015 – Review – Field of Screams – Mountville, PA – 10/10/2015

  • Posted by Sandman in 2015 on August 14th, 2016

Field of Screams has become part of an annual trip to Lancaster, where we enjoy the day doing farm activities during the day, and this particular haunt at night. This is by far one the best atmospheres of all the haunts we visit. The attractions are extremely detailed and the experience is well worth the price of admission. Since I generally go the second Saturday in October, I always purchase VIP tickets. Otherwise, the lines are extremely too long to wait in. This is definitely a MUST visit attraction.

2015 – Review – Night of Terror – Mullica Hill, NJ – 9/26/2015

  • Posted by Sandman in 2015 on July 31st, 2016

Night of Terror has opened a week earlier this year, and this has helped a lot with scheduling. I always go to this place on its opening week. This year, they added new attractions and they are even better than the ones they replaced. Night of Terror has really stepped up their game this year, adding a lot of actors to the attractions, and it will continue to remain on my list of places to visit.

2015 – Review – Shocktoberfest – Sinking Spring, PA – 9/19/2015

  • Posted by Sandman in 2015 on July 30th, 2016

The 2015 Halloween season starts early again with the opening of Shocktoberfest. Many have asked why do any haunt early and the answer is – to be able to visit as many as possible during the season. Shocktoberfest enables this by opening early in September. For the past few years, it has become the first haunted attraction we visit. It is a fun place to visit and we include it in our schedules each year.

Welcome to HauntStompers

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Hauntstompers is the place to find the reviews for Halloween Haunts in the Delaware Valley. This has been a project I have been working on for a while and have finally started to put the pieces in place.. During the Halloween season, I will be visiting several of the Halloween haunts and posting my reviews. Please feel free to leave your comments as I would like to hear your comments as well.

Happy Haunting